Health Care Premium Rate Watch in Colorado

Spoiler Alert: Rates are going to increase, the question is just by how much

Grand Junction, Colorado—Health care premium rates are going up across the country. In Colorado, we’ll know by specifically how much after the insurance companies rate filings due date next week on June 15, but current estimates predict an increase of 18.3 percent (Urban Institute, March 2018).

The primary outcome of the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans’ sabotage of the health care system has been to drive up the costs for individuals and families. A recent analysis by the Center for American Progress estimates these costs due to the repeal of the individual mandate and the short-term plan rule.

The report states that, “Estimated premium increases due to these acts of marketplace sabotage average $1,013 nationally for benchmark premiums for a 40-year-old individual.” For Colorado, the analysis estimates that individuals will pay an estimated $1,104 dollars as a direct result of marketplace sabotage.



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