Colorado United for Families Launches Campaign to Hold Rep. Tipton Accountable


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Kaitlyn Randol


Colorado United for Families Launches Campaign to Hold Rep. Tipton Accountable
Advocates launch campaign on eve of ACA anniversary to educate constituents on Tipton’s support for repealing the ACA and the Trump Tax Bill

Colorado — Today, advocates launched Colorado United for Families, a dedicated campaign to highlight Rep. Tipton’s record in Congress and his attacks on Colorado’s working families and health care. The campaign will include grassroots organizing, local events, and paid advertising.

Joel Dyar, a member of the advisory board of the campaign and a member of Grand Junction Indivisible said, “Rep. Tipton has made it clear that his allegiances lie with big healthcare profiteers and not with the families in southern and western Colorado. Today, we declare our intention to make sure every resident in our communities know Tipton’s abysmal voting record against healthcare for our neighbors, and for tax breaks for his ultra-wealthy campaign donors.”

Since taking office in 2011, Scott Tipton has voted 56 times to take away health care from Colorado families, including a vote for the AHCA in 2017 that would have resulted in at least 45,000 people losing their health care in his own district.  Ignoring the needs of his constituents, Rep. Tipton has dedicated his efforts in Congress to passing tax breaks for wealthy special interests and corporations. While the median family income in Colorado’s third congressional district is $50,817, the average tax cut for Colorado’s top 1 percent next year is $62,920.

Colorado United for Families is proud to announce an Advisory Board including:

  • Ian Silverii, ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director

  • Karen Middleton, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director

  • Jessica Zender, Local Activist

  • Kristen Seidel, Local Activist

  • Dana Miller, Local Activist

  • Joel Dyar, Western Slope Local Activist


On March 23rd, Colorado United for Families will join with our partners, the Protect our Care Coalition and the local Indivisible group in Grand Junction, to mark the anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  More details to follow.



Colorado United for Families is a multi-issue advocacy organization that uses grassroots mobilization and paid advertising to hold elected leaders accountable in Colorado. Our coalition educates Coloradans on key issues to ensure our communities know how their representative voted on important issues.