Cutting Our Health Care and Raising Our Taxes Is Not the Answer

This month marks the eighth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — but the past year has revealed that the attacks against our access to affordable health care are not slowing down.

When Congressional Republicans tried passing the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in 2017, national lawmakers put Colorado residents at direct and immediate risk. If passed, the bill would have removed consumer protections granted under the ACA, paving the way for insurers to strip their coverage benefits or — in some cases — deny the availability of health care completely.

They followed up their attacks with the passage of the TrumpTax, which promises to force 13 million Americans off of their insurance plans, and increase insurance premiums by ten percent each year.

But in response, Coloradans have not backed down. We are telling our stories, and we are speaking up, making sure our representatives know that cutting our health care and raising our taxes all to give their wealthy donors huge tax breaks is not the answer.