How Constituents in Congressional District 3 Fare Under the Republican Tax Bill, Not Well


Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Kaitlyn Randol


Colorado United for Families

How Constituents in Congressional District 3 Fare Under the Republican Tax Bill, Not Well

Colorado United for Families Adds Organizer in Durango

Durango, Colorado — Congressman Scott Tipton voted yes on the TrumpTax bill.  Here is what that means for his constituents in Congressional District 3:

  1. More Coloradans will be uninsured.  As a result of the GOP tax bill, an estimated 235,000 Coloradans will lose coverage by 2025, including 35,200 of Rep. Scott Tipton’s own constituents.
  2. Corporations get massive breaks, average families face rising expenses. For 53 percent of the population, and for 92 million homes earning $200,000 or less per year, the TrumpTax is a tax hike, rather than a cut. Only 3 percent of constituents in Tipton’s district have annual earnings larger than $200,000.
  3. Medicare is on the chopping block.  This bill tacks on an additional $1.5 trillion to national debt. In an attempt to cover that expense, Republicans in Congress are eyeing severe cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  

Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans promised that the TrumpTax would simplify the tax code and provide long-term relief for working families across the country, but families in the district certainly aren’t the winners under this tax bill.  

That’s why Colorado United for Families is organizing along the Western Slope from Craig to Grand Junction to the San Luis Valley to educate constituents about Congressman Tipton’s vote against middle class families.  To support this work, Colorado United for families is pleased to announce the addition of a full-time organizer in Durango.



Colorado United for Families is a multi-issue advocacy organization that uses grassroots mobilization and paid advertising to hold elected leaders accountable in Colorado. Our coalition educates Coloradans on key issues to ensure our communities know how their representative voted on important issues.